A Key to Unlock Your DIY Potential !


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AKEYDIY established in 2020, is dedicated to fostering children's hands

-on skills and inspiring them to explore, discover, and learn through active and imaginative play.The founder, George Akey, a father of two and an ardent DIY enthusiast, firmly believes in the immense creative potential within every child. He is convinced that given the right opportunities and tools, anyone can unlock their DIY potential. George's inspiration for his inaugural product was sparked by children's aspirations to DIY their own Halloween costumes, hats, and even trick-or-treat bags. The kids had designed the perfect patterns, but he found himself without an adequate heat press machine to transform their creative designs into reality.

Over time, the AKEYDIY brand gradually grew and expanded

In addition to the heat press machine, they introduced various products such as bounce houses and water slides, all aimed at helping families create more joyful moments. AKEYDIY is committed to providing opportunities for individuals to actualize their creative ideas, allowing each person to find enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment in the DIY process.